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“I would recommend MegaCryption because it does what it says, handles our current needs and future needs that will arise, has more functions than other products, and the cost of the product was great. I would rate the technical support as a 10.”
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Naples, FL – April 2015

Advanced Software Product Group, Inc. (ASPG) has released version 4.1 of its enterprise self-service password reset and synchronization solution, ReACT. ReACT v4.1 includes access, security, and customization enhancements to the Help Desk and Self-Service portals along with pre-existing features such as multi-factor authentication, automatic enrollment, and dynamic password rules.

ReACT, a self-service password reset and synchronization software tool for enterprise Help Desk installations, allows users to reset their own password and propagates the new one throughout all relevant systems and servers. The tool eliminates nearly all Help Desk calls, substantially reducing the need for staffing and other costs associated with Help Desk centers. Beyond providing self-sufficiency for most users to issue themselves new passwords, ReACT has many robust features to help support and aid administrators in identifying and remedying security issues related to passwords. ReACT works with a multitude of systems, including z/OS, Windows Active Directory, Novell/eDirectory, and many other systems and software installations.
With the release of v4.1, ReACT presents a multitude of security and customization features which greatly assist the Help Desk. Help Desk operators now have the capability of splitting end user groupings in order to assign different password complexities, allowing for more robust and streamlined access security.

In addition to increased security options, ReACT v4.1 offers the freedom to customize and simplify the end user experience through a myriad of optional features. These features, which include everything from the language display to the notification options, can be implemented or eliminated by the Help Desk with a single on/off selection. Other customizations, such as company logos, are now globally configured and can be effortlessly incorporated, ensuring ReACT adheres to the current look and feel of your organization.

Along with the series of customization options, ReACT v4.1 now allows the Help Desk operators to generate reports from the Help Desk portal. This new capability ensures anyone who can access the Help Desk portal can easily and quickly generate pre-set or custom reports without the need for an administrator’s permissions, increasing the efficiency of the administrative tasks of the Help Desk. Reports include password unlocks, password resets, end users configured, end users not configured, and many more insightful metrics regarding password reset related activities.

ReACT v4.1 permits end users to access their accounts via email, telephone, or user ID, increasing their access options. Additionally, the increased customization of ReACT v4.1 eliminates previously necessary steps of the end user experience, such as selecting an SMS provider, allowing for the most efficient password reset experience on the market for your end user.

ReACT is an actively supported product, receiving constant updates and improvements. ASPG adheres to a continuous development cycle and a schedule of frequent releases, and their support team is available 24 hours, every day of the year.

Interested parties may read more about the ReACT password reset software on the ASPG web site. Free trials of the software are also available.

ASPG is an industry-leading software development company with IBM partnerships and Microsoft certifications, and for nearly 30 years has been producing award-winning software for data centers and mainframes, specializing in data security, storage administration, and systems productivity, providing solutions for a majority of the GLOBAL 1000 data centers.

For more information about ASPG, please contact our Sales Team by phone at 800-662-6090 (Toll-Free) or 239-649-1548 (US/International), 239-649-6391 (fax) or email at You can also visit the ASPG website at

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