Big data requires big protection. Governmental agencies not only have large numbers of people who require data access, but also highly sensitive data that must be protected according to strict legal policies.

Government entities are often the top target for data breaches, with many of these breaches being due to bureaucratic human errors.

Federal and state governments must protect a vast amount of sensitive data.

In the majority of cases, only critical data such as credit card numbers, passwords, and social security numbers were encrypted. Cleartext data (data without cryptographic protection) can still be easily deciphered – leaving your organization exposed. Given that many government data breaches are often the result of human error, investing in robust data protection is an absolute necessity as the best defense against a government data breach.

As a file-level cryptography tool, MegaCryption provides a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to encrypting virtually any file in your environment, whether that may be z/OS, Windows, Unix/Linux, or a range of other technical environments.

MegaCryption’s 24x7x365 support, ease of installation, and complimentary partner software make it the number one choice for strong data protection.  

Protecting confidential information is a necessity for the public sector. Federal and state governments hold vast amounts of confidential information about citizens including tax information, biometric data, demographic details, criminal records, and many more. In large countries like the United States, with different tiers of state and local government, the scope of personal data within the public sector is vast. Moreover, many states have different laws that dictate who can and cannot access government information and why. Strong access management is an absolute necessity within your governmental organization.

Particularly, local governments with smaller budgets and departments may also have an overwhelmed helpdesk challenged with an influx of password-reset calls. Despite these challenges, training and user awareness are some of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to reduce security threats. As well as investing in security housekeeping that mitigates risks such as forced password resets, role delegations, both of which are part of ReACT’s extensive functionality.