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CICS Migration Tool

The easiest, fastest and most cost effective migration to Command-Level code.

What is Command CICS?

Command CICS is a systems software product that has been designed to provide a migration path for CICS™ from a Macro-Level to a Command-Level environment.  Command-Level calls, resulting from the conversion, are made dynamically during execution of the Macro-Level programs.

Command CICS translates 100% of Macro-Level code to Command-Level code at execution time, immediately alleviating the worry of discontinued support for Macro-Level.  There is no need to allocate valuable time and resources to re-write or re-compile applications to use Command-Level calls and conventions needed to meet the requirements to migrate to CICS transaction server.  Command/CICS provides the same performance that is produced by manually converted programs.


Not sure if you have Macro-Level code that needs to be converted?  Com/Search is a unique FREE off-line utility to analyze your load modules and produce a report showing which applications contain Macro-Level calls, Command-Level calls, their language types and which Command CICS procedures to use.

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Command CICS Benefits

  • Immediate use of CICS Command-Level

  • Command CICS supports all software programs using Macro services

  • Installation is easy and takes only a few hours, regardless of how many programs are affected. Upon installation this tool will run independently, with little or no monitoring.

  • Missing source code is no longer a problem

  • Supports mixed-code programming

  • 100% conversion of Macro-Level programs

  • Provides on-line transaction to allow any user to display counts of the various types of macro calls converted by Command CICS

  • Provides support for the use of the Exec CICS ADDRESS CSA (.....) command in the Command-Level programs and Mixed- mode programs

  • Provides an online trace facility

  • Provides the ability to utilize resource level security

  • Provides the ability to debug applications programs with CEDF

“With IBM announcements of discontinued support for CICS Macro-Level code in MVS and VSE, Command-CICS provides an effective, cost- efficient alternative to migrating to the new CICS Transaction Server”

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