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“I would recommend MegaCryption because it does what it says, handles our current needs and future needs that will arise, has more functions than other products, and the cost of the product was great. I would rate the technical support as a 10.”
- Major Northeast University

The latest whitepaper from Advanced Software Products Group (ASPG) is now released and available for download. Aimed at readers new to multi-factor authentication, the whitepaper provides a high-level overview of what multi-factor authentication is, why it’s important, and how it’s commonly implemented.

Multi-factor authentication whitepaper
With an average 2012 cost to corporations of over $6 million dollars per data breach incident, data security is an important topic to businesses and other entities – and multi-factor authentication is a positive, easily-implemented paradigm that can go a long way towards preventing data breaches. Yet in discussions with those with data security responsibilities, it became apparent to ASPG that many people new to the field didn’t know where to go for even introductory information on the topic.

Cathryn Thompson, President of ASPG, quickly realized how important it was to provide educational materials on multi-factor authentication to those who needed it. “The name ‘multi-factor authentication’ can make people think the concept is harder than it really is,” said Thompson. “At ASPG we have a tradition of educating people about data security issues, and with this whitepaper we carry on that tradition. We want people to know that multi-factor authentication isn’t hard to understand – but it’s terribly important to implement.”

Anyone interested may download the multi-factor whitepaper free of charge from the ASPG website.

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