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"With up to 60% of our users traveling or remote, OAR is essential to our organization. By ensuring access to devices where ever the user may be, OAR is key to productivity.”
– US Sports League

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Offline Access Recovery


OAR, Offline Access Recovery, is an innovative solution which delivers access to business outside the office – faster and more securely. When end users are away from the office and have forgotten their login credentials, OAR allows them to quickly access their laptop or preferred OAR enabled device*. Not connected to the company network or the Internet? Not a problem. OAR can be utilized while end users are out of the office, away from the network, disconnected from the Internet, and unable to access VPN credentials.

While utilizing OAR, the end user – traveling on an airplane or working from a hotel lobby – is able to overcome the standard login barriers in order to quickly, securely, and efficiently maintain their workflow. But don’t let the ease cause doubts about the security of OAR: with proven cryptography in use behind the scenes and all activity recorded on the ReACT dashboard, the device operations are protected and monitored by the proper authorities of your organization.

Additionally, the end user password is never provided by OAR, and the end user is unable to change their password while they are off the domain. OAR operates by utilizing a two-part confidential code which provides the end user with access to the cached credentials on their OAR enabled device. If a device is compromised, the ReACT administrator(s) can simply eliminate that device from accessing OAR, preventing the end user from accessing the device, and its contents, altogether.

Ultimately, when an end user forgets access credentials to a device while outside of the office, OAR allows for a timely and secure means of gaining access to the device without forfeiting a lengthy amount of work-time. OAR requires an end user to know less information and go through fewer steps in order to access their device and its data while they are off the domain, outside the network, or without Internet access.

OAR – Device Access Despite:

  • No Network Access
  • No VPN Credentials
  • No Internet Connection

OAR – Ideal For:

  • Remote Users
  • Traveling Users
  • Contractual Users

In need of self-service password reset capability for all your end users?
OAR may be utilized in conjunction with ReACT, our password reset and synchronization solution. ReACT is a web based password reset and synchronization tool designed to support your entire network [distributed and mainframe] all-in-one product. Implementation is quick and custom scripting services are free. Everything about ReACT is customizable, configurable and easily cost justified. For more information on how ReACT can work for you, view the ReACT brochure, request a free 30-day trial, or calculate your savings with ReACT.

*OAR enabled devices must be Windows machines and must have the OAR Recovery Client installed