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“I would recommend MegaCryption because it does what it says, handles our current needs and future needs that will arise, has more functions than other products, and the cost of the product was great. I would rate the technical support as a 10.”
- Major Northeast University

Naples, FL – July 31, 2013

HDI [formerly the Help Desk Institute] and itSMF (IT Service Management Forum) are professional associations devoted to advancing the technical support and service industry. Advanced Software Products Group (ASPG) provides tools to make that happen. They’re great organizations that go great together – and their collaboration continues with ASPG’s sponsorship of FUSION 2013 and many other HDI events and meetings through 2013 and into 2014.

ReACT is ASPG’s premier software for lightening the load for enterprise tech support centers by allowing users to access self-service password reset functionality, thus removing a huge burden for Help Desks and potentially saving a company millions of dollars of the costs associated with their tech support centers. The latest release of the software features a BYOD web portal, an extensive admin dashboard which allows assisting, reporting on, and monitoring and auditing of user activity, and multi-factor authentication, including image recognition. HDI – formerly the Help Desk Institute – and itSMF are professional associations and certification bodies for the tech support industry, and frequently host conferences and events for the tech support community.

According to Cathryn Thompson, ASPG’s President and CEO, ASPG has been an active sponsor of HDI events for many years – and doesn’t see their commitment to supporting HDI’s mission letting up in the foreseeable future.

“We’ve been involved with HDI for over ten years now,” said Thompson. “Their mission of advancing the tech support industry dovetails perfectly with our goal for ReACT, which is to make an organization’s Help Desk more cost-effective and easier to administer. We’re committed to that goal, and so is HDI. It’s a natural fit for us to be involved with them.”

And involved they are. Whether it’s sponsoring the HDI’s Southeast Region, their involvement in 10 individual HDI chapters, or their attendance at FUSION 2013 and numerous other shows in 2013 and planned attendance for 2014, ASPG continues its active support of HDI – and shows no signs of slowing down.

Visitors planning on attending FUSION 2013 in Nashville can stop by the ASPG booth, where the ReACT team will be demonstrating the latest release of theReACT software. For more information about HDI, please visit To read more about ReACT and to request a free thirty-day trial, visit

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