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“I would recommend MegaCryption because it does what it says, handles our current needs and future needs that will arise, has more functions than other products, and the cost of the product was great. I would rate the technical support as a 10.”
- Major Northeast University

IDMS Encryption Software

MegaCryption for CA IDMS

MegaCryption for CA IDMS is the only security solution custom built to protect CA-IDMS™ data (Computer Associate’s Integrated Database Management System). Through its use of secure, non-proprietary algorithms, MegaCryption for CA IDMS provides robust yet flexible options for encrypting your most valuable business asset: your data. The pairing of the transparent encryption of MegaCryption for CA IDMS with the high-performance database management and transaction processing of IDMS ensures secure data processing and data protection across your IBM zSystem.

Specializing in the protection of IDMS data at rest and data in process, MegaCryption for CA IDMS encrypts data at both the record and element level. MegaCryption for CA IDMS also supports the encryption of IDMS Non-SQL data in one of two basic modes: Data Mode and Record Mode. Data Mode allows precise customization of the data to be encrypted while Record Mode allows all fields beyond the last control item in a record to be encrypted. Field and Record Mode are able to operate concurrently.

MegaCryption for CA IDMS incorporates several of the most secure and well-known algorithms commercially available: AES, AES-2, and TRIPLE DES. The AES operations within MegaCryption for CA IDMS are FIPS-197 validated cryptographic modules utilizing 128 and 256 bit keys, while the TRIPLE DES operation utilizes the equivalent of a 168-bit key. Through the encryption and decryption of vital sensitive data, MegaCryption for CA IDMS aids in compliancy with US government and International regulations such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, COPPA, HITECH, EU GDPR, UK DPA, and more.

In addition to securing IDMS data, MegaCryption for CA IDMS includes a key management feature to satisfy secure key storage and customer key rotation requirements. By allowing the separation of duties between the Key Managers and IDMS Administrators, MegaCryption for CA IDMS’s key management simplifies the security steps needed to identify and protect data.

MegaCryption for CA IDMS also caters to the end user in its ease of use. Installation is quick and easy, with no required changes to applications, and data encryption is available immediately upon installation. The variety of encryption algorithms and options presented by MegaCryption for CA IDMS accommodates granular encryption of the data, resulting in an experience tailored to your requirements, encryption methods, and existing security policies.

MegaCryption for CA IDMS Encryption Software: The Benefits

  • Utilizes secure, well-known, non-proprietary algorithms [AES, AES 2, TRIPLE DES]
  • Only product designed specifically for the encryption of CA-IDMS data
  • Encrypts sensitive IDMS data at the record and element level as well as in Data or Record Mode
  • Able to run Field and Record Mode concurrently
  • Requires no changes to your applications
  • Encryption is transparent to applications/users
  • Uses FIPS-197 validated cryptographic modules
  • Assists with internal and federal compliancy [HIPPA, SOX, PCI, etc.]

In need of data encryption across your entire enterprise?

MegaCryption for CA IDMS is available for individual purchase or as part of the MegaCryption product family. The MegaCryption product family is comprised of MegaCryption z/OS, MegaCryption DB2, MegaCryption for CA IDMS, and MegaCryption PC/IX for cryptography of z/OS, DB2, CA-IDMS, Windows, UNIX, and LINUX data.

The ASPG MegaCryption product family components may be deployed separately or together for customers needing to protect data across the enterprise. In addition to cryptography and cross-platform interoperability features, the MegaCryption product family offers data compression, key management, data formatting, SMF recording, and much more.