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"ERA’s seamless integration, intuitive design, and in-depth analysis make it the tool of choice for RACF™ security auditing and assessment."

RACF Security Risk Assessment and Auditing

ERA: Easy RACF Audit

ERA, Easy RACF Audit, is an interactive query and reporting solution designed for Security Auditors, Security Officers, RACF Administrators, and Systems Engineers/Administrators alike. ERA allows end users to quickly and easily create a repository of RACF security events, produce extensive and customized reports on RACF security events, and examine RACF security events to determine if any violations have occurred. Through the utilization of ERA, end users are able to discover successful and unsuccessful security events on their zSystem, in turn enabling their organization to identify, rectify, and eliminate security risks and violations.

Monitor RACF Security Events

While the SMF Data Unload Utility can extract the RACF event records from SMF, the format of the event data is not easily digestible, making it difficult for the end user to browse or query security-related data. ERA takes advantage of the SMF Data Unload Utility by extracting security-related events from the SMF dump files before sending the data to the ERA Server where it can be easily reviewed and managed. End users can automate the creation and organization of extracted security event datasets or utilize the ERA ISPF application to browse and select the datasets they would like sent to the ERA Server. ERA presents end users with a simpler method of discerning their security-related RACF database changes than the use of RACF alone would allow.

Manage Your Repository

The ERA Server component creates and manages the repository of security event data extracted by the end user. The repository is maintained in a relational database, accessible via any authorized ODBC-compliant application, and equipped with a toolset for assorted tasks, including importing/parsing the SMF security event data sent from multiple zSystems.

In addition to ISPF panels, ERA contains a full suite of PC applications to manage ERA data and analyze the historical database of RACF security events. These PC-based displays provide for greater flexibility when configuring the ERA Server and when querying or viewing security data in the repository. ERA includes all the necessary PC-based applications for managing the repository, including importing new event information, browsing the database contents, and selectively removing data that is no longer needed.

Reporting: The Auditor’s Assistant

ERA provides customizable online reports which can be created with no programming experience. With a built-in library of sample reports and drag-and-drop report building capability, ERA allows the end user to easily modify data reports to fit their environment’s needs. If an auditor or other authorized personnel so chooses, they are able to apply extensive sorting and masking criteria to specify a more standard, special, or customized report. All reports display dynamic graphics for trend identification, and may be filtered, viewed, printed, or exported. With its robust functionality and interactive viewing, ERA reporting enables the end user to immediately identify suspicious activity, ferret out changes that introduced security risks, and have a complete audit trail of their RACF activities that have security implications.

ERA RACF Auditing Tool: The Benefits

  • Extensive RACF event reporting and data mining
  • Detect unauthorized attempts to access system resources
  • Intuitive GUI and ISPF interface
  • Automated event extract/export
  • Drag-and-Drop report building
  • Online reporting allows for extensive sorting and masking criteria
  • Handles multiple LPARS/Systems
  • Filter, view, print, or export reports

In need of RACF Administration, Reporting, and Programming Services?

ERA is available for individual purchase or in conjunction with ERQ: Easy RACF Query.

The ASPG RACF product family components may be deployed separately or together for customers needing to manage RACF administration, reporting, and auditing. In addition to RACF administration, reporting, and auditing, ASPG offers the MegaCryption product family for cryptography, data compression, key management, data formatting, and more across the enterprise.