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"If you are not using a software solution from Advanced Software Products Group, you probably know someone that is...Data Centers worldwide, including the majority of the Global 1000, have selected ASPG software solutions to increase productivity, protect data, and solve critical issues in their enterprise environments."

Whitepapers from ASPG

Go in Depth with White Papers on Everything from Cryptography to z/OS

Sometimes you need to dive into information that’s a little more in-depth or detailed than a typical online article. We’re here for you! Our whitepapers delve a little deeper into some complex topics.


Attackers are browsing through your data right now—will they find your secrets? Not if you align existing competencies with intuitive best practices.


Learn how to protect your data: We’ll share the common causes of data breaches and data exposure and give you simple strategies for protecting your organization.


Big Data is a big topic right now – and well it should be. The ebb and flow of commerce and other interactions around the world move data through Enterprise systems at close to light speed–this whitepaper addresses ensuring the safekeeping of that data with enterprise grade encryption.


Single-factor authentication — requiring only a password for a user to authenticate, for example — becomes less and less secure everyday, and relies only on something the user knows — their password. But if a data thief can guess or find out what that user knows then disaster potentially looms. Why not rely on more than just what the user knows — say, on something the user has, too? That is the premise of multi-factor authentication. Find out more in this whitepaper.