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"If you are not using a software solution from Advanced Software Products Group, you probably know someone that is...Data Centers worldwide, including the majority of the Global 1000, have selected ASPG software solutions to increase productivity, protect data, and solve critical issues in their enterprise environments."

Webinars & Training

We’re committed to making great software — and making you great with webinars and training.

The greatest software in the world is worthless if you don’t know how to use it. And although our products feature an easy learning curve to get you up and running quickly, sometimes you just might need a little help with a particular feature or capability. That’s why we feature an ongoing schedule of webinars and training events. We made the software great — and we’ll help do the same for you.

Understanding Cryptography

Course Code: UCTR1
Course Length: 1 Hour
Price: FREE

This 1-hour course is designed to familiarize IT professionals with the basic concepts of cryptography. Cryptography – the encrypting and decrypting of information that is deemed to be private and confidential – is an extremely important component of an organization’s security program. It provides an additional level of security should an intruder breach other aspects of your security system. This abridged course will discuss various cryptographic standards for today’s data center.

File Encryption Using MegaCryption PC/IX

Course Code: PCIXTR1
Course Length: 30 Min
Price: FREE

This introductory course is designed to familiarize IT professionals with the features and options available to them using the Megacryption PC/IX cryptography product. This course includes a lecture and product demonstration.

Key Management

Course Code: MCKMTR1
Course Length: 1-day [6 hours]
Price: $499 Per Person

This 1-day course is designed to familiarize IT professionals with the basic concept of cryptographic key management as implemented in MegaCryption v6. This course includes seminar, demonstrations, labs, a workbook, and free encryption software.

Enrolling more than one student? When 3 or more students from the same company register, receive a 10% discount.

How to Clean Up the RACF Database

Course Code: RACFTR1
Course Length: 1 Hour
Price: FREE

Cleaning up the RACF database includes getting rid of deadwood, verifying database integrity, and simplifying entries. The benefits include savings in disk space, reduced I/O, simpler security administration, and often improved security. In this session, Stu Henderson will show you basic techniques to accomplish all this.

A live ERQ demo will follow, concentrating on features within ERQ that can assist the user with cleanup of their RACF database.