ASPG is proud to announce its
Insider Program!

We care about our professional community and view the Insider Program as a means of improving this community via shared education, knowledge, and assistance

What can I expect as an Insider?

  • Remain Ahead of the Curve
    From mandate updates to educational webinars, the Insider Program has the latest industry news covered
  • Shape the Future
    Assist in sculpting the course for program features and product enhancements for an experience which rings true with your needs
  • Early Access Privileges
    Download pre-release versions of security products and be among the first to implement leading edge features
  • Community Benefits
    Utilize complimentary software and member-only promotions to enrich your everyday work tasks

What is the Insider Program?

The Insider Program was designed with you in mind: the IT professional who would like to be in the know with current IT trends but has too much on their plate, or the IT professional who has a check-list of desired product features and an interest in pre-release testing but can’t get anyone to listen.

As a means of assisting and further educating IT security professionals, the Insider Program is your resource for tips and tricks for the technical world! The Insider Program covers topics such as mandates and data security while also discussing the latest news for both mainframe and distributed environments. The program is also a vessel for direct communication via product testing and feedback as well as desired product features and enhancements; members will be privy to shaping the direction of ASPG products and ensuring their own IT security needs are noted and fulfilled.

Other benefits include educational webinars, complimentary software, and member-only promotions. The program will also provide insights into ASPG products, tradeshows, and other company and product related information.

The Insider Program is intended to be a go-to resource for your current topics of interest as well as your current technological needs, and we thank you for truly making the program what it is! We look forward to a long-lasting discourse and partnership.

Why should I join?

ASPG is a company whose expertise you can trust; we’ve been in existence for nearly 3 decades (est.1986) and serve the majority of the Fortune 1000 companies. But we don’t just cater to large corporations – we are equally proud to claim a multitude of smaller private and public organizations as valued customers. With products varying from password and access management to mainframe encryption to SMF data management and movement, ASPG represents a seasoned team of information technology professionals with knowledge for projects across the enterprise. The Insider Program brings this knowledge to your Inbox so you don’t have to tackle the world of compliancy shifts, mandate requirements, and emerging trends by yourself. As they say in Toy Story, you’ve got a friend in me us!

Not a customer? Not a problem. The Insider Program is intended to benefit all IT professionals who deal with information security, data management, access management, data protection, and other crucial matters in today’s technical environment.

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