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“I would recommend MegaCryption because it does what it says, handles our current needs and future needs that will arise, has more functions than other products, and the cost of the product was great. I would rate the technical support as a 10.”
- Major Northeast University

Switching from McAfee E-Business Server to MegaCryption is extremely simple.

MegaCryption: a Complete Cryptographic Toolkit

MegaCryption is the leading OpenPGP data encryption tool available on the market for z/OS, WIN, UNIX and Linux. MegaCryption will not only reuse your current encryption keys with no alterations or major change, but will work alongside any PGP or SSL type encryption tools you may currently have in house to ensure your data is protected, and that there no major workload for you and your team.

MegaCryption provides:

  • Encryption for Data-at-rest, FTP data, Backup/Archive Data
  • Hashing for Data Integrity
  • Digital Signature Support
  • Comprehensive ZIP and ZIP64 compression
  • Extensive Key Management
  • Interoperation with OpenPGP, OpenSSL, S/MIME, RSA, CMS, PKI, PKCS and X.509 Protocols
  • ICSF and CPACF Integration
  • Application and Database Integration
  • Easy Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Courtesy MegaCryption Software for your Business Partners on z/OS, Windows, Unix, Linux, and AIX

Call today for details on special swap out pricing from McAfee E-Business Server to MegaCryption. For more information how we can help your company easily transition from PGP E-Business Server to MegaCryption contact us today!