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Naples, FL—January 2014

Advanced Software Products Group (ASPG) has announced changes to ReACT, its enterprise-grade self-service password reset software, that now provide the highest possible levels of password reset security through its use of multi-factor authentication (“MFA”).

ReACT, a self-service password reset and synchronization software tool for Help Desk installations, allows users to reset their own password in accordance with administrator-determined rules and propagates the new password throughout all relevant systems and servers. ReACT now features four possible modes for multi-factor authentication plus image recognition, providing not only enhanced security but also increased convenience for end users who might have forgotten their passwords.

The various MFA modes which end users can now use to authenticate their password reset request include email, challenge question, SMS (text messaging), and Active Directory (AD) authentication, any of which can be coupled with image recognition as an additional layer of security. Because systems that require user access operate in an environment of increased threat of data breach, multi-factor authentication has grown in both prominence and importance in recent years and is now a required component of self-service password reset systems vended to many governmental agencies and businesses.

According to Tom Andrews, Vice President of Technology for ASPG, the various authentication factors now built into ReACT increase security while also providing end users accessibility and ease of use.

“We talk about authentication factors in terms of things the user knows and things the user has,” said Andrews. “For example, SMS-based authentication sends a text message to a user-controlled device which a hacker is unlikely to have access to, to say the least. But if a user needs to be device-agnostic for whatever reason, they can also choose another form of authentication, like a challenge question and answer, and still be exponentially better-protected than users of a system that doesn’t have MFA built in. And adding image recognition on top of it all means there are now multiple layers of security to help protect our clients and their end users.”

Interested parties may read more about the ReACT password reset software on the ASPG web site. Free trials of the software are also available.

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