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One of the most compelling features of the mainframe is how it allows so many processes to run simultaneously. The mainframe’s design allows it to have many users performing a variety of actions day after day without rest. Because mainframes are able to do so many simultaneous actions and support so many concurrent users, they have continued to establish themselves as the ideal computing environment for large organizations in a variety of industries including government, higher education, finance, retail, life science, transportation, and many others. These heavy-hitter machines host databases, applications, and archived data. Businesses rely on them to process high volumes of business transactions and to do a number of other mission critical functions. Because of the central role these systems play, they need the highest degrees of security available.

Considering the complexities present in the mainframe environment, those responsible for data security need powerful, yet simple tools that can help them administer a more secure system, without disrupting business operations or making it difficult for users to get their work done. Managing mainframe security is a high-stakes endeavor. There are new threats and challenges cropping up constantly, and the information stored and processed on the mainframe becomes increasingly valuable to the organization.

A global access management system serves to unify and simplify your organization’s security system. Rather than having multiple accounts to use various work resources, each employee, partner, or customer can reach all the applications, services, and resources they need through a single profile. A unified access management system helps lower costs and improves security. Users don’t need to remember multiple account credentials, and administrators are able to have a better view of who is accessing what resources. It is also an important system to have in place to comply with data security and customer privacy regulations. There are many regulations surrounding data that privacy and security organizations must follow. Administering accounts through a unified access management system simplifies the pathway to maintaining compliance.

In a mainframe environment, access control is the first line of defense. User accounts and permission settings are important in any shared computing environment. However, account security is even more critical on the mainframe since there is little more than the user’s account permissions separating the hardware and data resources. Without well-regulated control over who has access to the system, there’s no point in implementing other mainframe security efforts, like encryption. A well-encrypted database with weak access management is no better than putting a heavy padlock on a screen-door.

The mainframe is inherently more secure than many other shared computing platforms, but that doesn’t mean organizations don’t have to be vigilant. They still must take many necessary precautions to keep their data secure and private. Implementing two-factor authentication and automating the password reset process all lead to a stronger, more robust defense against hackers and data thieves.

ReACT provides an innovative browser-based password reset solution that helps authorized users quickly and securely reset or update their passwords. This reduces the number of password-related help desk calls and the risk of a help desk tech inadvertently giving out a password to an unauthorized person. ReACT provides automated alerts to administrators for suspicious activity, such as a consistent reset failure or perceived attempts at hacking. Also, ReACT logs and reports on all password-related activities for auditors and security personnel to check.

If you’re looking for a more effective access control solution for your mainframe, download the ReACT product guide and sign up to receive a 30-day free trial.

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