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“The very first time we used HSCAN against our production HSM log data we discovered error messages concerning our backup data base. We subsequently identified and fixed over 41,000 errors. The product has paid for itself already.”
- $18 billion Diversified Technology Company

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HSM Error Code Definitions

HSCAN: HSM Reporting

HSCAN is an enhanced DFSMShsm (HSM) activity analysis and reporting tool which drastically improves access to and readability of HSM raw log data. DASD/Storage Management personnel now have the ability to easily identify and analyze any action taken by HSM. Additionally, they may obtain critical capacity planning data regarding system resources used by HSM.

With HSCAN, problems can be easily identified and corrected before they are apparent to end users or cause significant processing delays. HSCAN is the easiest, fastest way to gather the data needed to monitor, analyze and tune the effectiveness of DFSMShsm procedures.

The majority of all HSCAN reports are available via batch and/or its ISPF Interface. All error code descriptions are automatically displayed on the batch reports and are selectable via the ISPF interface. The HSCAN ISPF interface also provides you with the ability to research HSM return/reason codes online with the option to customize the text to incorporate your operational and recovery procedures. The product produces a multitude of reports from three main program modules, two comprehensive statistical reports, and a variety of options for viewing the log data, whether using ISPF or sorting the log data in batch mode.


  • Easily identify any action taken by HSM
  • Fastest way to work with DFSMShsm procedures
  • User-friendly ISPF interface
  • Preemptively stop problems