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“With IBM announcements of discontinued support for CICS Macro-Level code in MVS and VSE, Command-CICS provides an effective, cost-efficient alternative to migrating to the new CICS Transaction Server”
- Command-CICS Customer

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Macro to Command Level Translation


CommandCICS is a systems software product which has been designed to provide a migration path for CICS from a Macro-Level to a Command-Level environment. Command-Level calls, resulting from the conversion, are made dynamically during execution of the Macro-Level programs.

CommandCICS dynamically converts applications to use Command-Level calls and conventions needed to meet the requirements to migrate to the new CICS Transaction Server at runtime. CommandCICS provides the same level of performance that is produced by manually converted programs.

CommandCICS does not modify or in any way interface with the application program code or logic, and therefore avoids major re-testing and documentation tasks which are necessary using the re-coding/re-writing alternative. Where the lack of source code or documentation is a major concern, CommandCICS can provide a unique solution.

CommandCICS adheres strictly to IBMTM guidelines for the new release of CICS. In particular, it avoids the requiring or manipulating internal CICS code. This approach not only safeguards system integrity and security, but has also ensured that CommandCICS is CICS-release independent. Once CommandCICS has been implemented for applications at a particular CICS level, the interface is frozen at that level for all subsequent CICS releases, so your applications are not affected by changes to CICS macro control blocks even if they cease to exist in later releases.

CommandCICS Migration Software: The Benefits

  • Source not required
  • Supports mixed-code
  • As efficient as manually converted code
  • Requires little or no effort post-installation
  • Support for Cobol VS, IBM Assembler, PL/1 Release 5, REAL, CPG, and more
  • 100% conversion from Macro-Level to Command-Level