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“MegaCryption allows us to encrypt sensitive PHI, ensuring compliance with HIPPA regulations. PHI data is encrypted, compressed, and transmitted directly from our mainframe to our customers. Previously, the data had to make an intermediate stop on an FTP server before reaching the customer. This process was very time consuming and the data was not compressed. MegaCryption has streamlined the process.”
- Major Managed Care Provider

Data Security Solutions for Healthcare

Maximum penalties are going up for HIPAA violations. Protect your patients and your organization with better encryption across your data.

If you’re in the healthcare industry and charged with ultimate responsibility for your organization’s Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) security, you know what a big job it is. You also know what a vitally important job it is to protect both patients’ records and their privacy.

And protecting patient privacy is more than just an ethical imperative — it’s also a legal one. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) dictates that all business records, including electronic data records, must be properly stored for not less than five years. HIPAA — The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — likewise mandates that all patient records be kept secure and protected.

Even laying aside compliancy issues, the healthcare industry is a perennial leader in annual reported data breaches. That shouldn’t be surprising when one considers the numbers of ways in which PHI is constantly exposed to breach: Laptops and USB drives are easily lost or stolen, records are increasingly exchanged electronically, and the growing bring-your-own-device trend (BYOD) among visiting physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers all provide points at which data can be lost or stolen.

The numbers generated by these vectors of data breach are staggering: According to Healthcare IT News reporting on a study by the Ponemon Institute, approximately 95% of hospitals have suffered data breaches since 2010, with an industry-wide cost of more than $6 billion in 2012 alone — yes, billion-with-a-b.

Fortunately, our MegaCryption product has been helping to encrypt and protect sensitive and valuable PHI for years. Here are some of the features you’ll be able to rely on when protecting your healthcare organization:

MegaCryption Mainframe Encryption Software:
Benefitting your Healthcare Organization

  • Encrypts patient data at rest, providing an additional layer of protection by encrypting any type of field/file level data directly
  • Encrypts patient data in process, providing security for data as it is being created by your healthcare applications
  • Encrypts mainframe data for FTP and SSL, extending file confidentiality beyond a secure network.
  • Encrypts tape and disk data
  • Encrypts patient data at single or multiple field level
  • Allows encryption and decryption for tape backups using DFSMSdss, CA-DISK, or FDR protecting data for transit offsite
  • Application Programming Interface [API], providing the ability to call subroutines from healthcare application programs written in Assembler, PL/1, COBOL & REXX.
  • Implement cryptographic functions directly into healthcare applications, databases, exits, online transactions & batch programs
  • Create self-decrypting Archives for Windows PC users
  • Provides Courtesy software for your business partners so there is no expense to your partner in handling MegaCryption encrypted patient data