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“The users are now back at work within minutes. They can go to any PC on the network and re-enable their own IDs. ReACT is so seamless, the Help Desk is not aware of the user having a problem.”
- Major Healthcare & Hospital System

Access Management
Solutions for Healthcare

HIPAA Violations Could Cost You Millions and Devastate Your Organization. Don’t Let It Happen.

The responsibilities of your hospital IT department are huge: Making sure the systems keep running and that staff and visiting personnel have appropriate access is an enormous task. But perhaps most important of all are your security responsibilities: Not only do you need to make sure the system is adequately protected from both internal and external threats, but you also need to protect the information of every patient who’s entered your doors over the last five years. It’s a huge job, all right. So while the doctors, nurses and other medical staff are busy with their job treating patients, let us help you with your job of protecting patient identity and PHI.

And protecting patient privacy is more than just an ethical imperative — it’s also a legal one. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) dictates that all business records, including electronic data records, must be properly stored for not less than five years. HIPAA — The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — likewise mandates that all patient records be kept secure and protected — and penalties for HIPAA violations are increasing.

But it’s more than HIPAA. Federal laws governing e-prescribing of controlled substances require practitioners to use access management software with multi-factor authentication, with stiff penalties for violators — including revocation of DEA controlled-substance prescribing privileges. The DEA requires multi-factor authentication for two very important reasons: It prevents the misuse of credentials by those inside an organization, and it also offers extremely reliable protection against external threats.

Even laying aside compliancy issues, the healthcare industry is a perennial leader in annual reported data breaches. That shouldn’t be surprising when one considers the numbers of ways in which PHI is constantly exposed to breach: Laptops and USB drives are easily lost or stolen, records are increasingly exchanged electronically, and the growing bring-your-own-device trend (BYOD) among visiting physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers all provide points at which data can be lost or stolen.

The numbers generated by these vectors of data breach are staggering: According to Healthcare IT News reporting on a study by the Ponemon Institute, approximately 95% of hospitals have suffered data breaches since 2010, with an industry-wide cost of more than $6.2 billion in 2016 alone — yes, billion-with-a-b.

Fortunately, we’ve been making enterprise software for over 25 years — and we have the access management solutions for healthcare that your organization needs to lower costs and stay protected.

ReACT Access Management software for the healthcare industry. Lock in these features while locking out the bad guys:

  • Fully integrates with AdvantX, Lawson, and other popular systems in the healthcare industry
  • Multi-factor authentication via image recognition, SMS, email, Active Directory, and challenge questions for security and healthcare regulatory compliance
  • Save Help Desk costs while increasing end-user functionality: Self-service password reset functionality accessible via desktop client, iPad or Android tablet, kiosk, or mobile device
  • Ensure compliance with healthcare audit requirements by logging for administrators all activity related to password resets
  • Administrators can implement custom password requirements to ensure password strength
  • Eliminating Help Desk password reset calls potentially saves healthcare organizations millions of dollars annually

ReACT fully integrates with almost any system

  • Novell/eDirectory/NDS
  • Active Directory
  • iSeries/AS400/JD-Edwards
  • RACF
  • Top Secret
  • Google Apps
  • Office 365
  • Unix/Linux (i.e AIX, DataTel, HP-UX)
  • Oracle/SQL Databases
  • And many more!
  • LDAP
  • Lawson
  • AdvantX
  • Google Postini
  • SAP
  • WFM (Workforce Management)
  • Custom Applications VIA ActiveX Scripting
  • Sophos Renewal Certificate for AD
  • ERP and HR systems (i.e. People Soft)