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“The agency began an analysis of PGP products that run on an IBM mainframe. Key factors in choosing a PGP product were to find one that was fully supported (24x7), ease of installation, provided no cost agents for customer sites which allows them to send encrypted files to the agency, and able to support the three approved protocols (RACF, ICSF, and Data Set) for storing of security keys. MegaCryption satisfied all requirements. We now have a secure solution.”
- State Governmental Agency

Data Security Solutions for Government Agencies

Government agencies have many touch points where workers, contractors, subcontractors, and employees even further removed can access data. You can’t vet every worker — but you can protect all your data.

Some of your data has the absolute strictest security requirements, and all measures must be taken to protect it. Other data you’re responsible for isn’t classified — but it’s personal data with information like social security numbers that need to be always protected.

Because protecting private information is more than just an agency rule — it’s also a legal requirement.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) dictates that all business records, including electronic data records, must be properly stored for not less than five years. And if your agency or government entity does business with a publicly-traded company, certain provisions of SOX may apply to you, too — not to mention Privacy Act concerns.

Most data is vulnerable to external threats. Secrets, patents, copyrights, records, intellectual property, and more are all housed by the government, putting it constantly in the crosshairs of malicious attempts to seize data.

Even laying aside compliancy issues, government data breaches comprised 13% of all 2012 data breaches — enough to put government, as an industry, into third place for total number of breaches for the year.

That shouldn’t be surprising when one considers the numbers of ways in which government data is constantly exposed to breach: Laptops and USB drives are easily lost or stolen, records are increasingly exchanged electronically, and the growing bring-your-own-device trend (BYOD) all provide points at which data can be lost or stolen. Add to that the fact that very often not only government contractors but also their sub-contractors will have system access and the numbers of potential breaches is very large.

Government houses the nation’s most treasured data, so you need a tool that’s up to the task of guarding and managing this data. And that tool is MegaCryption. MegaCryption has been helping to encrypt and protect sensitive and valuable data for government organizations of all levels for many years. Here are some of the features you’ll be able to rely on when protecting the data that your government agency or entity holds:

MegaCryption Mainframe Encryption Software:
Benefitting your Government Organization

  • Encrypts your agency data at rest, providing an additional layer of protection by encrypting any type of field/file level data directly
  • Encrypts your data in process, providing security for data on-the-fly as it is being created by the applications in use by your organization
  • Encrypts mainframe data for FTP and SSL, extending file confidentiality beyond a secure network.
  • Encrypts tape and disk data to protect physical assets during and after transit to government storage facilities
  • Encrypts data at single or multiple field level
  • Allows encryption and decryption for tape backups using DFSMSdss, CA-DISK, or FDR
  • Application Programming Interface [API], providing the ability to call subroutines from government application programs written in Assembler, PL/1, COBOL & REXX.
  • Implement cryptographic functions directly into applications, databases, exits, online transactions & batch programs in use by your agency or organization.
  • Create self-decrypting Archives for Windows PC users
  • Provides courtesy software for your business partners so there is no expense to your partner in handling MegaCryption-encrypted government data