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“MegaCryption eliminates the exposure involved in sending and receiving secure data from one platform to another via FTP transmission. This aids in complying with FERPA regulations. Cross-platform compatibility is a plus, making the transition with clients easy. MegaCryption is full of features that will grow with our needs without having to buy another product.”
- Leading Midwestern State University

Data Security Solutions for Colleges, Universities and Educational Organizations

FERPA (Family Education Rights & Privacy Act) penalties for data breaches can ultimately lead to loss of federal financial aid. Don’t let it happen on your campus.

Few institutions have higher turnover rates of people with access to private data than colleges and universities.
Your university has hundreds of staff and faculty and thousands of students, not to mention all of the contractors it takes to run an educational institution. They’re coming and going every day and accessing data from both on and off campus. You need to protect all of their data… and you need to protect the data of others from them. Faculty and students go to your institution to spread & gain knowledge, not to unknowingly supply others with the knowledge of their personal, sensitive data.

And protecting student and faculty privacy is more than just a courtesy — it’s also a legal imperative. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) dictates that all business records, including the electronic records and messages of students, must be properly stored for not less than five years. FERPA (the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act) also mandates how educational institutions must handle the release of and access to their educational records.

Compliancy issues aside, the education industry is constantly among the annual leaders in most data breaches. In 2012, for example, education was second only to healthcare in the number of discovered breaches. That shouldn’t be surprising when one considers the numbers of ways in which education institution data is constantly exposed to breach: Laptops and USB drives are easily lost or stolen, records are increasingly exchanged electronically, and the growing bring-your-own-device trend (BYOD) among faculty, contractors and even student workers all provide points at which data can be lost or stolen.

Fortunately, our MegaCryption product has been helping to encrypt and protect sensitive and valuable educational information for years. Here are some of the features you’ll be able to rely on when protecting your college, university or other educational institution:

MegaCryption Mainframe Encryption Software:
Benefitting your College, University or Educational Organization

  • Encrypts your university’s data at rest, providing an additional layer of protection by encrypting any type of field/file level data directly
  • Encrypts student and faculty data in process, providing security for data as it is being created by applications across your campuses
  • Encrypts mainframe data for FTP and SSL, extending file confidentiality beyond a secure network.
  • Encrypts tape and disk data
  • Encrypts student, faculty and personnel data at single or multiple field level
  • Allows encryption and decryption for tape backups using DFSMSdss, CA-DISK, or FDR protecting data for transit offsite
  • Application Programming Interface [API], providing the ability to call subroutines from any application programs written in Assembler, PL/1, COBOL & REXX that your school might have
  • Implement cryptographic functions directly into the applications, databases, exits, online transactions & batch programs that your educational organization uses.
  • Create self-decrypting Archives for Windows PC users
  • Provides Courtesy software for your partners or other units within your institution so there is no expense to them in handling MegaCryption encrypted university data

Protecting all of your sensitive data

  • Scholarship databases
  • Student health records
  • Financial aid DBs and the plethora of PII which those records contain
  • Non-student databases