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“We wanted to give users one username and password for all or most of the systems we have at the university, and wanted users to reset passwords themselves without having to get on the phone with someone from IT. Both those things were long standing pain points here & we were looking for a product like ReACT to help with that, and ReACT definitely did. The product does what it’s supposed to do, and its functionality is good stuff.”
- Long-Standing Northeastern University

Access Management
Solutions for Colleges and Universities

By nature, educational institutions have constant high turn-over rates — and high Help Desk call volume. Save your school money by reducing student and faculty Help Desk dependence.

Whether you’re working for a small private college or a large state university with tens of thousands of students, one thing is constant: The high volume of Help Desk calls you deal with on a daily basis that involve nothing more than password reset requests.

And yet as simple as password reset requests are, the sheer volume of calls represents a major expense for your institution’s Help Desk — particularly at the beginning of a semester and other peak times. And students being who they are, they will often be calling the Help Desk at all hours of the night for simple password resets — necessitating staffing 24 hours a day.

Self-service password reset software can drastically lower your Help Desk costs — but only if it can work with your existing systems, be absolutely secure and auditable, include multi-factor authentication capabilities, and have multi-language support built in and almost no learning curve to use. Any password reset software that offers less is potentially worse than no software at all — and could even wind up costing your college, university or other educational institution millions of dollars if a data breach occurs.

ReACT software offers all of the features your organization needs. We know your school might have a wide range of legacy, distributed and open systems — and ReACT is interoperable with just about all of them, including z/OS [RACF & Top Secret], Novell / eDirectory, Active Directory, UNIX / Linux, AdvantX, Live@Edu / Office365 and more. And in the unlikely event that support for your system isn’t already built in to ReACT, we proudly offer scripting assistance to educational institutions at no extra cost. And not only is ReACT inclusive, it’s all fast to implement. We can have ReACT fully working on your campus within 30 days — and when coupled with the lack of a steep learning curve, your school can start saving money quickly.

Added security brings its own cost savings. Among all types of organizations, universities and other educational institutions were second-highest in the number of data breaches suffered in 2012. Many data breaches come from either unauthorized account access or brute force attacks where a login is repeatedly attempted until it succeeds — so real-time monitoring of login and password activity on school accounts is essential, and ReACT gives administrators exactly that capability. It also provides easy auditing capability through its Reporting Library, which logs and reports all activities related to passwords and administrative functions. And if you need extra reporting that ReACT doesn’t provide, we’ve got you covered — we provide any additional required reports to educational institutions free of charge.

ReACT Access Management software for the colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Let your students in and keep the bad guys out with these features:

  • Fully integrates with AdvantX, UNIX, Active Directory and many other popular systems in use by education institutions around the world.
  • Multi-factor authentication via image recognition, SMS, email, Active Directory, and challenge questions provides extra security and convenience to faculty and students
  • Save Help Desk costs while increasing end-user functionality: Self-service password reset functionality accessible to students and faculty via desktop client, iPad or Android tablet, kiosk, or mobile device
  • Fast implementation time eases any potential inconveniences and starts saving money more quickly
  • Tiered levels of support (Help Desk student staff vs non-student staff)
  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS devices
  • Both real-time and automated logging, reporting, and alerting ensures administrators are always apprised of system security and status issues.
  • Administrators can implement custom password requirements to ensure password strength
  • Eliminating Help Desk password reset calls potentially saves universities and others millions of dollars annually
  • Lack of steep learning curve means students and faculty will be able to use the system practically instantly.
  • Push roll-out available
  • Full customization to fit your brand/marketing
  • Reduces overhead when switching e-mail providers and consolidating systems

ReACT fully integrates with almost any system

  • Novell/eDirectory/NDS
  • Active Directory
  • iSeries/AS400/JD-Edwards
  • RACF
  • Top Secret
  • Google Apps
  • Office 365
  • Unix/Linux (All flavors)
  • Oracle/SQL Databases
  • And many more!
  • LDAP
  • Lawson
  • Google Postini
  • SAP
  • CAMS
  • WFM (Workforce Management)
  • Custom Applications VIA ActiveX Scripting
  • Sophos Renewal Certificate for AD
  • ERP and HR systems (i.e. People Soft)