Orange Cubes

“I would recommend MegaCryption because it does what it says, handles our current needs and future needs that will arise, has more functions than other products, and the cost of the product was great. I would rate the technical support as a 10.”
- Major Northeast University

Naples, FL—April 1, 2012—Advanced Software Product Group’s enterprise self-service password reset tool ReACT has received new updates and enhancements, including new authentication methods, multi-factor authentication, and compatibility updates. ReACT, a self-service password reset and recovery software tool for the enterprise, allows users to reset their own password and propagates the new one throughout all relevant […]

Running heavy mainframe applications with a light touch Quick quiz: What’s the most powerful iPhone app? A mainframe. What’s the most useful mainframe? The one you have with you. Combining the power and reliability of mainframe applications with the broad accessibility of web 2.0 technology and mobile access is a killer combination. The focused interfaces […]

The boys are back! And they’ve been debriefed, after a couple days’ recovery period. Everyone from ASPG had a fantastic time in Vegas–on and off the clock! They got to hand out racks of chips, meet clients face-to-face, and have sing the praises of our software to a captivated audience. “We met with a ton […]

Here’s four reasons mainframes remain a strong bet It has long been thought that the mainframe was becoming antiquated, that it would ultimately succumb to the PC and become a rare and outdated form of computing. Mainframe sales did dip substantially with the rise of the PC, but while the growth of sales of PCs […]

Protect your most critical data and your access to it by following these tips for securing encryption keys Strong encryption is a central and essential defense in the battle to protect sensitive data. The process of encrypting data is not that challenging, and the tools to do it are not that complicated. However, managing the […]

Not if you stopped by Booth #314 and won $100 in chips Viva Las Vegas! HDI is in full swing, and one attendee started off the show with $100 of free casino chips. Congratulations to Jason Wilson from University of California Medical Center, the winner of ASPG’s pre-show drawing! We wish you the best of […]

There’s no InfoSec without Information. At the same time that we have a team in Las Vegas for the HDI show we’re going to have another team in Orlando, Florida for MIS Training Institute’s InfoSec World Conference and Expo from April 15 – 17, 2013. The event will be held at the Walt Disney World […]

Like any other industry, the technical support sector is populated with everyone from seasoned veterans to new recruits and senior executives to front-line warriors. The HDI Conference and Expo, taking place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from April 16 – 19, 2013, is designed to offer a solid learning experience for all of those […]

If you’ve been to the ASPG site at some point in the past, you’ve probably noticed a few minor recent tweaks to the site here and there. Just kidding. On April 3 we launched a redesign that represents a massive overhaul of our website — and it’s all centered around you being able to find […]