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“I would recommend MegaCryption because it does what it says, handles our current needs and future needs that will arise, has more functions than other products, and the cost of the product was great. I would rate the technical support as a 10.”
- Major Northeast University

Naples, FL—March 15, 2013— Operating mainframes isn’t cheap, so getting the most out of them is important. Some types of data, like plain text, compress very well: Occasionally files can be compressed to just five percent of their original size, requiring fewer expensive resources to store the same data. Other types of data don’t compress […]

Your Unencrypted Data Is Not Safe Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is an encryption standard that is widely used today. Originally it was designed to be able to safely send private email correspondence, and it still excels at that. It has, however, also moved into wide adoption for the encryption of data besides emails. Virtually no […]

Naples, FL—January 3, 2013 Advanced Software Product Group’s highly-regarded password-reset product ReACT has received some much-anticipated updates and enhancements, including a web interface for mobile devices, new language support, Google API integration, and more. ReACT—a password reset and recovery tool compatible with z/OS, Novell, Windows, and more — allows users to reset their own password […]

Naples, FL—January 3, 2013 Nothing is safe in today’s ultra-connected world, when thieves in basements around the world are trying their best to get their hands on your sensitive data and send it to underground BBSes for prying eyes to see. That’s what makes ASPG’s MegaCryption so important. ASPG is constantly evolving MegaCryption and has […]

Naples, FL—January 3, 2013 In the high-stakes world of protecting data stored in IBM’s DB2 databases, any gains in efficiency and security are good things – and the latest release by Advanced Software Products Group (ASPG) of their Megacryption DB software brings just such gains to systems and database administrators around the world. An incredible […]